Parent Talk: How to Talk to Your Children in Language That Builds Self-Esteem and Encourages Responsibility

Friday, January 12, 2018
Chick Moorman
Parent Talk
If I could, I would give this book to every parent, grandparent, coach, teacher and caregiver I know. My favorite passage from the book is “You, the parent, are responsible for the discipline structure within your home. Your language can help children realize the choices and controls they have within that structure. As you continue to use the type of communication described in this book, your children will grow to understand that the choices they make impact what happens to them. They will gradually develop the internal controls necessary for independence and self-responsibility, both of which are ultimate goals of discipline.”
I cannot say enough about how helpful this book is. I have changed the language I use with my grandson and IT WORKS! Not only does it work but it also makes me stop to think about what I am going to say instead of reacting. The chapters are short and give practical ideas you can implement immediately.  Check our catalog
Sara D., YS

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