Cancel Your Cable, Not Your Entertainment

Want to “cut the cord”–cancel your cable TV and subscribe instead to online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video? Are you not even sure what those last three names are and/or what they do? Then have we got a program for you!

On Thursday, September 12 at 6:30pm in the Meabon Room, Chris Edwards and Chuck Eglington of Cord Cutters Plus will present “Cut the Cord: Cancel Your Cable, Not Your Entertainment.” Bring your cable bill and explore the many options to save money and “cut the cord” on cable TV subscriptions. You’ll also learn about the hardware options and streaming services available, including the Library’s great digital download service Hoopla Digital. One lucky attendee will win a Roku streaming player generously donated by library resource provider Midwest Tape!

As cable TV costs rise, cord cutting is becoming more and more popular. According to this Forbes article, by 2021 50 million Americans will be streaming TV over the Internet. Join the new wave of experiencing your favorite TV shows and movies–cable free!