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This week we’re sharing some of our librarians’ favorite card games. If you’ve played any of these, share your thoughts in the comments along with your own favorite card games!

Dominion by Donald X. Vaccarino


A meatier, more involved card game than the two below, Dominion is the game that started the deck-building genre of modern board games. For 2-4 players, a game of Dominion lasts around half an hour. The gameplay is pretty simple: beginning with a small deck of 10 starter cards, each turn you use your hand of 5 cards to buy other cards from the supply piles to build your own unique deck of cards. The supply piles include cards that let you do cool actions, acquire victory points, and get better money to buy more expensive, sweeter cards. The game ends when the highest victory point card pile or 3 regular supply piles are empty; whoever has the most victory points in their deck wins! With a medieval fiefdom theme, Dominion has great replayability from its various supply pile card options. If you’re new to the game, the instructions recommend a good starting lineup of supply cards. Once you get used to the play and enjoy it, change up the supply piles and explore how the various cards interact with each other. Learn how to play from this short video on YouTube.

Five Crowns : the Five Suited Rummy-style Card Game


Five Crowns is a five-suited rummy-style game that can be enjoyed by 1-7 players. The deck has no 2s or Aces but has five suits: stars, hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds. The game starts with each player being dealt three cards in the first round, with 3s being wild. Each subsequent round increases the number of cards being held and the card that is wild; the second round being four cards with 4s being wild, and so on. Play of each round consists of either drawing a card from the deck or the discard pile and discarding a card in exchange. Play continues until a player is able to set down all of their cards in runs or books, with one card left to discard. Players still left with cards after making any possible runs or books have to count up the points remaining, to be written down on the score sheet. The competitive spirit wracks up with each new round, as players are stuck holding more and more cards in their hands and are racing to be the first to go out, to the agonized groans of their fellow players. The player with the least amount of points at the end of the game wins! 

Fairy Tale Fluxx .


Fast, easy to learn, and fun. Winning requires a mix of luck and skill because the rules are constantly changing! The game begins with standard draw one card, play one card rules. During their turn, players can change the rules (with a New Rule card) and/or the goal (with a Goal card) of the game. A player could be just one card away from winning and then all of the sudden that’s not how you win! Infuriating or exhilarating, depending on which side of that play you were on… There are quite a few different versions of this game, all following the same basic structure, but with fun themed cards. We have two versions, Fairy Tale Fluxx and Regular Show Fluxx, available for check out. Grab 1-5 friends and give this game a try!