100 Great Breads by Paul Hollywood

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I’ll level with you: I am not the cook in the house. The kitchen is my husband’s domain and boy, am I glad it is. He’s a passionate amateur chef and baker—and a huge Paul Hollywood fan. (If you haven’t heard of master baker Paul Hollywood, check out The Great British Baking Show, or, as the Brits call it, The Great British Bake Off or simply GBBO). This new book by Hollywood compiles most of his bread recipes from his previous titles, all in one handy reference. The man knows his stuff, and so will you once you read and bake through this book. While I have my husband’s word Paul Hollywood is the best in bread around, I can attest to just how scrumptious these breads are. Be ready to tuck in and enjoy. Bon appétit!

The Complete Summer Cookbook : Beat the Heat With 500 Recipes That Make the Most of Summer's Bounty by author America's Test Kitchen (Firm)

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The first thing that caught my eye in The Complete Summer Cookbook was the bright colors and beautiful pictures. Seriously beautiful pictures. I think I may have drooled a little. The book is full of great recipes for all the veggies our backyard garden is producing right now! And there are plenty of simple recipes (my favorite kind!), using ingredients I either have on hand or would at least be able to recognize in a grocery store. Also worth noting if you, like me, have no air conditioning, many of the recipes are designed to “minimize kitchen heat.” Yes, please!

Modern Flexitarian : Plant-inspired Recipes You Can Flex to Add Fish, Meat, or Dairy by Lucy Gwendoline Taylor

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I have been a pescatarian for four years, which for me means I usually don’t eat meat but will occasionally eat fish. Cookbooks like the Modern Flexitarian are great for families that have a variety of eaters. My mom is a meat lover, so these recipes could easily be manipulated to match anyone’s eating preferences, whether that be 100% plant-based or working in fish or other types of meat. For more information on Lucy Taylor and her work, check out her website Bloom Nutritionist. On her website, she has information about plant-based diets and a blog with posts focused on sharing plant-based and vegan diet tips.