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Contains obituaries, marriages, death notices, weddings, news articles, civil war information as well as other family information from mid 1800s–1950s.Historical records come from many different sources. Early collections were pasted on the pages of old books or in scrapbooks. The Howell Area Archives houses these scrapbook donations. The results below will give you necessary information to find the correct scrapbook within the Howell Area Archives.

The book description will give you the book, page and code (m=MISC, d=DEATH, dr=DEATH RELATIVE, f=FUNERAL CARD, w=WEDDING). (i.e. M008-143m is M008=book#, 143=page#, m=Misc) Civil War Records Example: MI26CoB

Contains obituary, death notices, and news stories as well as funeral cards from mid-1800s–current for Livingston County. Obituaries appeared in Livingston County Daily Press & Argus or Fowlerville News & Views within 3 days of death unless otherwise noted.

  • Birth Record Index (1868–1909) Information for Birth records over 100 years old have been indexed and copies of the actual recordings (not certificates) are maintained in the Archives. Birth Certificates must be obtained from the Livingston County Court House.
  • Marriage Record Index (1836–1933)  Names found in the index  will be found in the Marriage Records listing for Livingston County dated 1836 – 1870 in book M043A in the archives. Certificates of Marriage must be obtained from the Livingston County Court House.
  • Death Record Index (1867–1948) The Death Record Index will indicate if the person you are searching for died in Livingston County. Certificates of Death must be obtained from the Livingston County Court House.
  • Pinckney Dispatch (1883-1965)
  • Gregory Gazette (1912-1913)
  • Livingston Community News (view in house only) Premium Research Source  The Livingston Community News was a local community newspaper, housed in downtown Brighton, with a weekly circulation of 54,000. Encompassing a News, Features and Sports sections, the paper operated from 2003 to 2009 under the umbrella of The Ann Arbor News.
  • Livingston Republican (1856–1909) and Livingston Democrat (1858–1888)  Livingston Republican and Livingston Democrat are the index information, from your search, that can be used in the microfilm room on the Reference level of the library. The microfilm is processed by edition date. The index information is for two of the county’s oldest newspapers (Livingston Republican and Livingston Democrat).
  • 1868 History of Howell—by Elisha Smith
  • 1873-1874 Livingston County Directory
  • 1880 History of Livingston County
  • 1891 Portrait and Biographical Album
  • 1911 History of the Township and Village of Howell—by Riley Crittendon
  • 1945 Service Records WWII of Brighton, Michigan and Community
  • 1945 Service Records WWII of Fowlerville and Howell
  • Howell Bicentennial Book 1776–1976 and Photo Suppliment
  • A Walk Through Time
  • Old Howell & Piety Hill by Winifred Ross & Nellie Glenn

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