COVID Update

Although Governor Whitmer has removed her “stay at home” order, because of the limited size of the Archives Room, the social distancing necessary and ability to disinfect materials, we will remain closed for an undetermined time.

The Archives is proceeding on its own plan for a safe re-opening.  Our primary concern in this possibly lengthy process is the safety of our volunteers and patrons.

The good news!  You can still access our digital resources by following the links  in the Digital Searches or Useful Links section.  We understand how important your research projects are during this unusual time.  Volunteers will continue to receive research requests and make every attempt to answer your Archives Inquiry form submissions.  Please have patience, we will be unable to respond to these requests immediately.

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You can search Scrapbooks, Obituaries, Vital Records (Birth, Marriage, Death), Newspapers (Pinckney Dispatch, Gregory Gazette, Livingston Community News, Livingston Republican, Livingston Democrat) and various historic books.

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  1. 1891 Portrait and Biographical Album.pdf [Historical Books]
  2. ZNB001-03 M060 Obituaries Index.pdf [Obituaries]
  3. IOBITINXI.pdf [Scrapbook]
  4. 1915-09-29.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  5. 2005-07-01_11.pdf [Livingston Community News]
  6. 1880 History of Livingston County, Michigan.pdf [Historical Books]
  7. 1883-02-08.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  8. 1916-09-28.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  9. 1921-04-14.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
    v ' " " i> i m . l v s t i ...
  10. 2004-06-11_39.pdf [Livingston Community News]
  11. 1924-05-06.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  12. 1892-09-01.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  13. 1917-03-22.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  14. 1884-01-10.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  15. 2004-07-09_10.pdf [Livingston Community News]
  16. 1965-03-03.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  17. 2008-03-14_6.pdf [Livingston Community News]
  18. 1883-07-05.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  19. 1892-07-14.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  20. 1924-03-19.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  21. 2008-09-05_7.pdf [Livingston Community News]
  22. 2008-07-25_5.pdf [Livingston Community News]
  23. 1916-08-10.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  24. 2008-02-29_6.pdf [Livingston Community News]
  25. 1883-11-29.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]

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