Library staff and board members are mourning the loss of volunteer, Joyce Fisher, who passed away May 30, 2021. Joyce was the heart and soul of the Howell Area Archives, a committee of the Howell Carnegie Library. She was a dedicated volunteer and passionate about creating a space in the library where all could access the rich history of Howell.

Please be patient as we determine the next steps. The Howell Area Archives has always been a valued part of the library and we are working to create a sustainable model of service. Although physical access to the Archives is currently unavailable, email inquiries may be sent to You can also call 517.546.0720 ext. 104 with questions.

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You can search Civil War Records, Obituaries and Scrapbooks, Vital Records (Birth, Marriage, Death), Newspapers (Pinckney Dispatch, Gregory Gazette, Livingston Community News, Livingston Republican, Livingston Democrat) and various historic books.

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  1. HOWELL Bicentennial 1776 to 1976 Photo suppliment.pdf [Historical Books]
  2. 1893-09-28.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  3. 1912-11-09.pdf [Gregory Gazette]
  4. 1900-01-18.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  5. 1893-08-24.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  6. 1925-07-22.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  7. 1880 History of Livingston County, Michigan.pdf [Historical Books]
  8. 1886-07-22.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  9. 1938-05-11.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  10. 1944-11-01.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  11. 1883-11-29.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  12. HOWELL Bicentennial 1776 to 1976.pdf [Historical Books]
  13. 1965-12-15.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  14. 1886-06-17.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  15. 1964-01-22.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  16. 1886-07-01.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  17. 1886-07-29.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  18. 1893-02-16.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  19. 1883-11-01.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  20. 1940-10-16.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  21. 1886-07-08.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  22. 1957-02-06.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  23. 1937-02-24.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  24. 1939-07-12.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]
  25. 1901-09-12.pdf [Pinckney Dispatch]

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