Take and Create kit for Adults: Seed Bombs

Thank you to everyone who registered for this month’s Take & Create kits! We’ll be offering these special project kits monthly. Just sign up for a kit, pick it up from the Library, and complete it at home. We’ll announce them here on Digital Discovery the first Monday of the month, when registration starts. Our Take & Create kits for Adults are designed for ages 18+.

This month’s project is to create a wildflower seed bomb following these instructions! Have fun seeing what grows!

If you registered for a Seed Bomb Take & Create kit, today starts the time period you can pick up your kit from the Library–you have until 2pm this Saturday, April 24, 2021 to get your kit from our Curbside Pickup.

Check back on the first Monday of next month to see what our next Take & Create kit and Maker Monday project will be!

Check out these gardening books for inspiration!

Beginner Gardening : Step by Step

Call# 635 Beg

If the desire to start a garden has been planted in your heart, then this essential guide is a wonderful companion to accompany you on your new adventure! If you’re not sure of the first steps to take, this handbook takes the anxiety out of plotting and planting and equips you with all the know-how and confidence you need to get digging into your garden.

The Complete Gardener's Guide: the One-stop Guide to Plan, Sow, Plant, and Grow Your Garden.

Call# 635 Com

"A one-stop treasure trove from the RHS that covers every aspect of gardening, from planning and planting to growing and care"--

Encyclopedia of Plant Care.

Call# 635 Enc

More than just another plant selection guide, this book provides complete, detailed, and illustrated instructions on how to care and successfully grow more than 2,500 varieties of plants. Explains planting times and techniques, soil preferences, propagation methods, and needs for fertilizer, moisture, and pruning.

Encyclopedia of Plants & Flowers

Call# 635.9 Enc

An updated edition of the best-selling highly illustrated garden plant reference, featuring more than 8000 plants and 4000 photographs. Choose the right plants for your garden and find all the inspiration and guidance you need with The Encyclopedia of Plants & Flowers. Drawing on expert advice from the RHS, this best-selling book features a photographic catalogue of more than 4000 plants and flowers, all organized by color, size, and type, to help you select the right varieties for your outdoor space. Discover perennials, bulbs, shrubs, and trees, succulents, and ornamental shrubs, all showcased in beautiful, full-color photography. Browse this photographic catalogue to find at-a-glance plant choice inspiration. Or use the extensive plant dictionary to look up more than 8000 plant varieties and the best growing conditions. This new edition features the latest and most popular cultivars, with more than 1380 new plants added, as well as updated photography, comprehensive hardiness ratings, and a brand-new introduction. Fully comprehensive yet easy to use, the Encyclopedia of Plants & Flowers is the inspirational, informative guide every gardener needs on their bookshelf.

Favorite Wildflowers of the Great Lakes and the Northeastern U.S. by Richard E. Schinkel

Call# 582.13 Sch

Wildflowers are different from many wild things in that they don’t scurry away never to be seen again, and they are not afraid when we approach them. Wildflowers are wonderful. They are colorful, they smell good, and they are everywhere. They are an integral part of our environment appearing almost as if by magic in our backyards, neighborhoods, local parks, woods, and fields. With a little effort, we can become acquainted with the wildflowers of our yards and neighborhoods, learn their names, and even a little more about them. You will find yourself looking forward to them each year and will discover that you learn something new each season.

Flower Gardening : a Practical Guide to Creating Colorful Gardens in Every Yard by Julie Bawden-Davis

Call# 635.9 Baw

Americans love flowers. We grow them with a passion and are always on the lookout for new varieties and for better ways to plan, nurture, and display them. This comprehensive compendium is the ultimate garden reference, providing readers both in aspiration and practical techniques for planting and displaying every type of flowering plant in their yards, decks, patios, balconies, and paths. Written for the beginner as well as the experienced gardener, this is a perfect introduction to the concept of creating successions of flowers by plant selection according to bloom season and planting cycles.

Garden Alchemy : 80 Recipes and Concoctions for Organic Fertilizers, Plant Elixirs, Potting Mixes, Pest Deterrents, and More by Stephanie (Gardener) Rose

Call# 635.04 Ros

"Garden Alchemy is filled with recipes and instructions for making homemade versions of dozens of gardening products, including fertilizers, pest deterrents, potting soils, and more"--
"Garden Alchemy is a hands-on guide for do-it-yourself gardeners who love to make things (and save money doing it!). This gardening project book is packed with creative and useful garden-related products you can make yourself. Each customizable project allows you to reduce expenses and fix common garden problems with minimal effort. Recipes for mixing your own potting soils and homemade organic fertilizers give you the freedom to choose what ingredients make their way into your garden. Step-by-step instructions for building pest traps, concocting soil tests, and constructing inexpensive DIY seed-starting equipment are accompanied by gorgeous, full-color photography. You'll also find recipes for natural pest deterrents and growth-boosting foliar sprays to help your garden grow strong all season long. Dozens of recipes and projects include:Homemade seed bombs, disks, and tapesGranular and liquid fertilizer recipes DIY rooting hormonePlant propagation instructionsSoil care recipes to adjust the pH and manage fertility13 specialty potting mixes7 clever traps for common garden pestsWritten by Stephanie Rose, the creative gardener behind the popular website Garden Therapy, this fun and beautifully illustrated book is packed with great ideas and inspiration for DIY gardeners who want to embrace their creativity and have more control of the garden's care. "--

The Gardener's A-Z Guide to Growing Flowers From Seed to Bloom by Eileen Powell

Call# 635.903 Pow

Plan a flower garden for season-long beauty and color with this comprehensive guide to growing 542 annuals, perennials, and bulbs. Plant-by-plant descriptions include specific growing instructions and precise information on regional suitability, sowing, transplanting, bloom time, propagation, and care, so you can choose and cultivate the species that will bloom brightest under your garden’s unique conditions. With at-a-glance design planner lists and full-color photographs of more than 500 flowers, this essential reference source is sure to find a prized place on your potting bench.

Gardening for Geeks : All the Science You Need for Successful Organic Gardening by Christy Wilhelmi

Call# 635 Wil

"The author provides "geeky" gardening tips, using math, nature, and science, to help readers make the most of their gardening space, no matter how much or little. She introduces readers to proven concepts such as biointensive gardening, French intensive, and square-foot gardening; explains soil, composts, and soil amendments; and includes individual growing profiles for numerous vegetables and herbs as well as recipes for your homegrown bounty"--

Gardening Your Front Yard : Projects and Ideas for Big & Small Spaces by Tara Nolan

Call# 635 Nol

"Gardening Your Front Yard is an active, inspiring resource that shows you how to treat your front yard like a backyard without sacrificing beauty, from choosing the right plants to building front patios and walkways. With her unique combination of DIY/building savvy and gardening expertise, author Tara Nolan weaves you past the main pitfalls you may encounter when trying to fit a garden or gardens between your home and the street. This beautiful and comprehensive book shows how to accomplish several hardscape projects, such as building front patios, borders, edging, and walkways, as well as making your own raised beds, planting containers, trellises, rose arbors, privacy screens, and more-all custom-designed for the rigors of front-yard gardening"--

Mastering the Art of Flower Gardening : a Gardener's Guide to Growing Flowers, From Today's Favorites to Unusual Varieties by Matt Mattus

Call# 635.9 Mat

"Mastering the Art of Flower Gardening is a lushly illustrated book with highly practical, firsthand tips on how to grow truly interesting and unusual flowers"--

Michigan Wildflowers in Color by Harry C. Lund

Call# 582.13 Lun

This spectacular and informative guide features 278 wildflowers found in the meadows, woods, dunes, shores, and wetlands of Michigan. Each stunning photograph is coupled with a detailed plant description, including scientific and family names, habitat, growing season, and protected status. Michigan Wildflowers also features a wildflower quiz and a guide to eight of Michigan’s most accessible and diverse wildflower trails, including Fernwood, Grass River Natural Area, and the Ninga Aki Pathway. Invaluable to nature lovers, this beautiful and practical book is essential for anyone who enjoys the wealth of wildflowers Michigan has to offer.

Native Plant Gardening for Birds, Bees, & Butterflies. Upper Midwest by Jaret C. Daniels

Call# 635.951 Dan

The presence of birds, bees, and butterflies suggests a healthy, earth-friendly place. These most welcome guests also bring joy to those who appreciate watching them. Now, you can turn your yard into a perfect habitat that attracts them and, more importantly, helps them thrive. Acclaimed author and expert entomologist Jaret C. Daniels provides all the information you need in this must-have guide for Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. You can learn how to landscape and create pollinator gardens with native plants.

The New Gardener's Handbook : Everything You Need to Know to Grow a Beautiful & Bountiful Garden by Daryl Beyers

Call# 635 Bey

From one of the experts at the New York Botanical Garden, this guide shares the science of good gardening in a design-forward, beginner-friendly way that will appeal to new gardeners everywhere.
No one was born a gardener, but everyone was born to garden. Beyers has created an easy-to-follow, visually instructive handbook that teaches not only the hows, but also the whys-- the proven science-- of what goes into a thriving garden. Whether you're seeking to grow your own food or fill your life with flowers, you'll learn about soil, plant selection, propagation, planting and mulching, watering and feeding, pruning, and weeds, pests, and diseases. -- adapted from back cover

Taming Wildflowers : Bringing the Beauty and Splendor of Nature's Blooms Into Your Own Backyard by Miriam Goldberger

Call# 635.9 Gol

Easily cultivate wildflowers in your own garden...and have a year-after-year supply of gorgeous flowers at your fingertips. Wildflower farmer and floral designer Miriam Goldberger is here to show you how.

The Ultimate Guide to Deer-proofing Your Yard and Garden : Proven Advice and Strategies for Outwitting Deer and 20 Other Pesky Mammals by Neil Soderstrom

Call# 635.049 Sod

In this book, you'll discover many viable strategies to deter, scare away, and limit deer and other pests in your yard and garden. Author Neil Soderstrom interviewed wildlife authorities all over the United States and culled their advice and his own experiences in upstate New York into hundreds of control options and strategies for animal pests, ranging from home remedies and simple diversions to more elaborate methods, with a humane approach encouraged at all times. You'll learn which methods work and which methods don't work, and why - all based on scientific research, the experience of landscape and wildlife-control professionals, and the author's own richly anecdotal, photo-documented observations and testing.

Wildflowers of North America : a Guide to Field Identification by Frank D. (Frank Denmire) Venning

Call# 582.13 Ven

An identification guide with illustrations and descriptive information on over 1500 common species of wildflowers.