Who Wrote It Wednesdays

Each Wednesday during January, we will be sharing the first lines from five books by a mystery author. Use your sleuth skills and guess the author that is being highlighted in each Who Wrote It Wednesdays post by filling out the form included in this post! Each week’s mystery author will be revealed in the following Favorite Fridays post, so make sure to submit your answers to the form before Friday. At the end of the series, a random prize winner will be drawn from those who participated!

Week 1: Who Wrote It?

  • It was a good day to be free of prison.

  • On a refreshingly brisk, beautifully clear fall evening, Amos Decker was surrounded by dead bodies.

  • Once more she rode into the Valley of Death.

  • He had the look of a man who was afraid that tonight would be his last on earth.

  • As Will Robie stared out the plane window, he knew the next twenty-four hours could possibly be his last ones on earth.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this Who Wrote It Wednesdays challenge. The submission form is now closed, but you can discover the answer on our Favorite Friday post that is now live! And check back in next week for our next Who Wrote It Challenge.