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Art on Display

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Art on Display

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Featured Artists

The Howell Carnegie Library, in partnership with the Livingston Fine Art Association, is pleased to display artwork from 2 local artists in the East and West Wings of the library.  Displays are scheduled to change every other month.

For more information on the Livingston Fine Art Association check their Facebook page at Livingston Fine Art Association

John Laupp
Artist Information

“My work focuses on segmented woodturning consisting of hundreds of individual pieces of wood. The technique allows for greater design elements than traditional woodturning. Through-wall designs are created using different colored domestic and exotic woods and non-wood materials. My pieces are inspired by different shapes and designs I see during my daily life that spark my creative process.”

Contact information: John Laupp,
(517)672-2497, jalaupp@yahoo.com.

Grace Willis
Artist Information

Hello, My name is Grace, and i am a 25 year old Howell fine artist. I use a range of mediums such as acrylic, watercolor, pen and ink, and printmaking. I love to illustrate animals and flowers while adding my own flair to them. I like to incorporate quotes to match many of my pieces. I hope my work brings some smiles and inspiration your way!

Contact information:  Grace Willis, (507) 217-6209,

Permanent Artwork

The Howell Carnegie District Library is home to several pieces of artwork.  The various statuary pays tribute to those individuals who have made a lasting impact at the library.  We hope you take time to walk around the library grounds and enjoy the ‘Art on Display’

Martha's Friends

In 2010, a bronze statue at the base of the front steps of the library depicting two children sitting on a bench enjoying an open book was dedicated to Martha McKenzie.  Martha was a long time librarian and friend to all who visited the library.

McKenzie, who died of cancer in 2008, became involved with the library through the Friends group before becoming a paid staff member in 1985.

The statue in front of the library was paid for entirely through donations from those in the community who were personally touched by McKenzie’s dedication and service.

2015 Renovated Library Fountain

Boy and Girl Under Umbrella

The original library statue of a little boy and girl holding an umbrella, was given to the Howell Carnegie Library during the First World War, by the Howell Women’s Club.  Cast in Zinc and installed in the center of a medium sized ground basin.

The statue adorned the lawn until 1981, when it was replaced because of damage, by a replica.

Friends Bench


In 2014, a bronze statue on the east side of the library’s lower level, was dedicated to Mary Lou Annatoyn.

Mary Lou Annatoyn was an advocate for children and a member of the Friends of the Howell Carnegie Library from 1981 until 2008.

The statue  was paid for entirely through donations from those in the community who were personally touched by Mary Lou.

Duane Zemper

In 2018, a bronze statue of Duane Zemper was dedicated on the  southeast corner of the library grounds.

He was a decorated World War II veteran, a professional photographer in the Howell area for nearly 50 years, an active volunteer with the Howell Area Archives and a Howell Rotarian.

The Duane Zemper Legacy Project committee is a collaboration of the Howell Rotary, The Howell Carnegie District Library and the Howell Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation.  The group was formed to memorialize the enormous contribution to Howell by the man fondly known as “Zemp.”