Why Should I Sign Up?

Receive text messages on your phone immediately when:

  • Items you requested are ready for pickup.

  • Items you borrowed are overdue.

  • Items you borrowed are able to be renewed.

Use your phone to text the library to:

  • Renew your items.

  • View your fines and fees.

Shoutbomb has features to make managing your account easier:

  • Receive notices on multiple library cards (accounts need to be linked with same phone # and notice preference set to text for those accounts).

  • Choose what notices you would like to receive.

Signing up is totally free.  All you need to do is follow the steps below.

Standard text rates apply.

You can sign up by either:

  • Going to My Account and changing your notice preference to “text” and the phone # to a mobile phone that can send and receive text messages.

  • Calling the library at 517-546-0720 to help make the changes for you.

Please allow 24 hours for the changes to take effect.  You will receive texts from this phone # (833) 403-0528 and you may want to add this phone# to your contacts and label it Howell Library.  Text messages are sent between the hours of 9am – 5pm.

How To Use Shoutbomb

Below is a list of text commands for using Shoutbomb

Text Command Command Description
HELP Detailed description of each keyword
HOLDS Hold notices Opt-In/Out
NOTICES Current status of all your Opt In/Out services
RENEW Renew notices Opt In/Out
RESEND Resend the last message
OVERDUE Overdue notice Opt In/Out
FEES Fee notice Opt In/Out
IOWEU Display Fines and Fees
MYCARDS List of Registered cards
MYBOOKS Detailed info on your library items