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Donors Nov. 1, 2020 – Oct. 31, 2021

In Memory or Honor Of

Carey Abraham

Clair & Thelma Barnum

Joshua Beaver

Ann Louise Craig

Carl & Dorothy Damson

Roger Dresden

Joyce Cash Fisher

Werner & Mary Goetsch

Joan Hougaboom

Betty “Joan” Karnes

Michael Lamb

James (Jim) Liddy

Iolanda Marinelli

John & Marlene Murray

Doug & Ellen Paige

James “Jim” T. Petrides

Philip Rashid

Pamela Rietsch

Bill Scofield

Joy Scofield

John Trip

William H. Tschohl

Bob Watson

Marilyn Yost

Endowment Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Creed

Kathleen Goetsch

Susan Rockey

Anton Vozheiko


Eileen Alholinna
Kathy Alward
Ann and Bob Anderson
Peter and Ann Baldwin
Brad Beal
Teresa Beaver
Georgia Beckwith
Dave and Karen Bird
Coral and Pete Black
Lynne and Garret Bondy
Lois Botkin
Brandon Chase Condo Association
Duane and Esther Brown
Michele Buyaki
Karen Caldwell
Frank Castle
Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Chubb
Judith and Walter Clink
John and Chris Coddington
Bill and Priscilla Conine
Dawn Cooper and Peter McNenly
Phyllis Cummings
Dale Davis
Eileen DeBurton
Nancy Dresden
Helene Dul
Donna Ellis
Robert Ellis
Shelley Ellis
Dr. and Mrs. John C. Fellows
Karen Freeman
Friends of the Howell Carnegie Library
Frontal Lobe CoWorking
David Fuller
Glenn Farm Seed, Inc.
Nate, Mallory, Jake, Jaimie, Kyle, Connie and Carol Glenn
Kathleen Goetsch

Laura and Marty Grabijas
Gail Hanson
Robert and Elizabeth Herbst
Cliff & Pat Herold
Mary Highland
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hirschman
James K. Hosley
Kerry Beth Hosley
Robert Hosley
Paul Hougaboom
Staff and Board of the Howell Carnegie Library
Judith Hubbel
Norman L. Jamieson
Davalyn Kafka
Sylvia Kennedy-Carrasco
Kristi Kidd
Estelle Kirby
Robert W. Ladner and Cathy O’Sullivan
Holly and Michael Lamb
Kathleen Langhorst
League of Women Voters of Ann Arbor, Brighton/Howell Unit
Mary E. Lemons
The James Liddy Family
Heather Lucas
MacDonald’s Funeral Home
Steve and Pat Manor
Nancy Manson
Charles and Christina Manuel
Gail McEntee
Diane McKee
Joan K. (Hosley) McPherson
Margaret Coddington Mitschelen
Sandy Moore
Marvin Moran
Patricia Mowery
The Munsell Families
Kathleen Murray

Pamela Ann Murray
Mrs. Connie Natzke
Judy Nesler
Scott & Chris Niblock
Melvin Nixon
Doug & Ellen Paige
Bill Park
Lynn Petersmarck
The Proulx Family
Ed and Vicki Repik
Jamie Rouster
Pam Ruffini
Charles, Mary and Jeffrey Ryan
Michael Sage
Justina Schrock
Rick and Mary Scofield
Mary and Dave Shaw
Shelley’s Art Group
Jack and Carol Shepard
Thomas Shurtleff
Hayley Sowell
Maria Stuart
Linda Tesch
Jan Todaro
Charles D. Todd and Barbara R. Schmid
Toms Family
Marilyn Torrey
Thurman’s Auto Service
Kathryn Tuck and Paul Phipps
John Vandenberg
Barbara J. VanNocker
Carl and Diana Visconti
Susan and Garret Watters
Cheryl Weber
Nancy Heller Weirich
Patti Wheelock
Michael Yost
Kathleen Zaenger and Dennis Strasser

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