Archives RoomThe Howell Area Archives collects, organizes, and maintains printed items, articles, memorabilia, photographs, and written materials of historical significance to Livingston County, Michigan.  Our stacks contain approximately 1,000 alphabetically filed subject boxes with topics from “Arts and Artists” to “Veteran Service”.  We also house original property abstracts, cemetery records, Howell High School Yearbooks from 1905 to current, township records, plat maps, Civil War “brown books”, city directories and telephone books, and so much more.

Additional resource materials including microfilm are available in the Reference department’s Local History Room during regular business hours.

Archives Inquiries

To request specific information from the Howell Area Archives, please fill out and submit the form below.  You will receive a response via phone or email as soon as a volunteer is available to handle your request.  Before submitting an inquiry you can check the Digital Archive to see if you are able to find any extra information relevant to your inquiry.

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