Computers & Internet

Public computers on both floors

  • Internet Access
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, OpenOffice, GIMP, Adobe Reader, and iTunes
  • Educational Games (only available in youth area)
  • Black & white or color printing
  • Research databases
  • Specially selected Web links

Catalog Computers are located throughout the library to allow finding of library materials.

Low Vision Video Magnifier

Internet Computer area has a Low Vision Video Magnifier for the Visually Impaired.  It has controls for viewing mode, magnification and brightness.  The viewing mode allows for full color, black on white, white on black, yellow on blue, yellow on black and green on black.  The table is adjustable in both front to back and side to side directions.

Photocopying, Scanning & Faxing


  • Black & White copies 10¢/page
  • Color copies $1.00/page

Available in the Copy/Print/Fax Room.


  • $1.00/page

Available in the Copy/Print/Fax Room or behind the Information Desk.


Document Station allows for scanning to Email, USB, Google Drive, Mobile Device, Dropbox, or OneDrive.  There is a paper feed for multiple page scanning.  The scans can be to PDF, Searchable PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, Word, and MP3.  PDF security can also be added to encrypt the PDF.  Documents can be scanned in Color, Gray scale or Black and White.  There is no fee for scanning to the listed formats.  The only fee is scan to Fax listed above.

Available in the Copy/Print/Fax Room or behind the Information Desk.

Printing & Mobile Printing


  • Black & White prints 10¢/page
  • Color prints $1.00/page

Available in the Copy/Print/Fax Room, behind the Information desk, or at youth self check.

Mobile Printing

Mobile printing is provided through the PrinterOn service.  This service allows printing of documents/images from your Internet connected PC or mobile device to one of our library printers.  There are 3 ways to send documents/images to this service.

  1. Use the link above and fill out the form and submit.
  2. Install the PrinterOn app on your mobile device and use the app to send files to the PrinterOn service.  (Only available on mobile devices)
  3. To print an email message or attachment, simply forward your email to
    Black and White :  or
    Color Printer :  or
    Email forwarding is ideal for online email portals such as Yahoo!, Hotmail or Google Mail.

After sending your documents/images you will need to come to the library to release the print jobs you sent.  You will use your email address to find your jobs to release from the print queue.