March Book Madness 2021 Round 2 Bracket

Thank you to everyone who voted in the first round of our 2021 March Book Madness! View the results of each bracket below, and check back on Wednesday or come into the Library to vote on the next round of books.

Bracket 1

No One is Talking About This: 43 Percent
Afterparties: 57 Percent

Bracket 2

Empire of Pain: 83 Percent
Detransition, Baby: 17 Percent

Bracket 3

Klara and the Sun: 63 Percent
All That She Carried: 37 Percent

Bracket 4

Crying in H Mart: 57 Percent
Intimacies: 43 Percent

Bracket 5

Beautiful World, Where Are You: 60 Percent
The Prophets: 40 Percent

Bracket 6

The Sentence: 43 Percent
Cloud Cuckoo Land: 57 Percent

Bracket 7

Harlem Shuffle: 11 Percent
Project Hail Mary: 89 Percent

Bracket 8

Great Circle: 9 Percent
The Four Winds: 91 Percent

Thank you for voting!