New Year New Hobbies

Hoping to pick up some new hobbies or skills to kick off your new year? Or maybe you’re hoping to get back into a hobby that you haven’t done in a while. Explore the reading recommendations below to find something new to try in 2022!

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The Art of Paint Pouring - Swipe, Swirl & Spin : 50+ Tips, Techniques, and Step-by-step Exercises for Creating Colorful Fluid Art by Amanda VanEver

Call# 745.723 Van

The Art of Paint PouringThe Art of Paint Pouring: Swipe, Swirl & Spin includes everything you need to take your skills to the next level, whether you are a beginning or an established paint pouring artist. From learning variations on several popular techniques—including flip cup, dip, swirling, spinning, and swiping—as well as more intermediate and advanced pouring techniques, you’ll soon be creating colorful, textured fluid art on a variety of surfaces.

Buzz Into Beekeeping : a Step-by-step Guide to Becoming a Successful Beekeeper by Charlotte Anderson

Call# 638.1 And

"Experience the joy of keeping bees and learn more about hive styles, pest management, harvesting honey, modern uses for beeswax, and so much more! Are you considering becoming a beekeeper, or ever wondered what it would be like to have your own beehives'. Maybe you want to produce fresh honey for your family, or increase the yield of your garden through better pollination. Master Beekeeper Charlotte Anderson gives you all the fundamentals of becoming a successful beekeeper and more in Buzz into Beekeeping. Learn how to: --Choose the best type of beehiv; --Buy bees; --Keep your colony healthy; --Prepare your bees for winter -And so much more! Avoid the beekeeping mistakes made by many new beekeepers and help save this important pollinator."--

Fitness for Every Body : Strong, Confident, and Empowered at Any Size by Meg Boggs

Call# 613.7 Bog

"From body-positive Instagram influencer and content-creator Meg Boggs, an inclusive and empowering fitness and lifestyle guide to inspire readers of every shape and size"--

A History of Videogames : in 14 Consoles, 5 Computers, 2 Arcade Cabinets...and an Ocarina of Time by Iain Simons

Call# 794.809 Sim

Most people have played videogames, whether it was Pong way back when or Pokémon Go today. The story of their creation and development is fascinating, encompassing hardware, software, concept, equipment, and more. Now the curators of the UK’s award-winning National Videogame Arcade take you on a journey through joysticks and microchips, Game Boys and cuddly toys, guitars and drums, as they explore how videogames are made, played, and loved. This entertaining history ranges from The Age of Empires III Collectors’ Edition, Barcode Battler, and the Bioshock Xbox 360 faceplate to Dance: UK Dancemat, Packman and Nintendo, Tamagotchi, and Virtual Reality Headsets. Whatever your interest in gaming, from casual player to medal-winning champion, this book’s for you!

The Mr X Stitch Guide to Cross Stitch by Jamie Chalmers

Call# 746.443 Cha

Chalmers, alias Mr. X Stitch, introduces cutting-edge projects, complete with charts, and shows that beauty and innovation are still alive and kicking. He teaches the basics of the craft, and then pushes the boundaries with urban flavors, glow-in-the-dark threads and plastic, while showing that cross stitch is an art in its own right.

Rise of the Dungeon Master : Gary Gygax and the Creation of D&D by David Kushner

Call# Graphic Novels 794.8 Kus

Rise of the Dungeon Master tells, in graphic form, the story of Gary Gygax, co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons, one of the most influential games ever made. Like the game itself, the narrative casts the reader into the adventure from a first person point of view, taking on the roles of the different characters in the story.