The generosity of donors has long enriched the collections and facilities of the Howell Carnegie District Library.  Our Director, Staff and Board of Trustees welcome and encourage gifts and donations which are consistent with the Library’s Mission Statement. The Board of Trustees and Director, in all cases, reserve the right to direct the use, investment, storage, sale, and disposal of all gifts within the constraints of this policy. The Library Board reserves the right to accept or reject any gift without comment.

The following guidelines will assist in defining ways to donate and recognize/or acknowledge a donor’s generosity.

Monetary contributions shall be used only for tangible physical additions or improvements which can be readily identified, which are closely related to and consistent with the Library’s Mission, the grounds, buildings or appurtenances. Monetary gifts and donations shall not be used for operating expenses, maintenance or repairs unless specified by the donor and the request is in keeping with the Library’s Mission.

Ways to Donate

Monetary Gifts and Donations

Monetary contributions to the Library support the purchase of books and other materials to maintain the Library’s status as a premier facility.  Monetary donors have several contribution options to choose from:

Donate/Endowment FormPayment Options- Paypal, Discover, Visa, Mastercard, American Express


Memorials and Honorariums:   The gift amount is equivalent to the cost of the material being purchased for the collections.  The Library will be pleased to select appropriate titles in memory of a relative or friend.  The material selected may be in a particular subject area as designated by the donor.  Specific title suggestions are taken into consideration following the Library’s Collection Development Policy and Procedures.

General Donation:  The gift amount may be used to purchase materials for the collections, for programs, events and/or other items as designated by the library staff, Director and/or Board of Trustees.

Adopt-a-Shelf Program, $250 per year:  The gift amount will be used to purchase new materials with recognition on a shelf in the library.  See Gifts Recognition Policy for details.


Major Donor, $5000 or more:  Donors may pledge an amount over a period of time or in one lump sum.  See Gifts Recognition Policy for details.

Endowment Fund:  This is a non-expendable trust fund that will utilize only the interest earned on the gift.  Donations to the Endowment Fund are used to help provide for long range continuity of services and collection maintenance.   The interest will be used for the purchase of something to be determined and agreed upon by the library staff, Director and/or Board of Trustees.

Bequests:A bequest designated to the Howell Carnegie District Library in a will or trust creates a legacy for generations.

Donations of Books, Materials and Other Items

Donations of books, other library materials and other assets to the Howell Carnegie District Library will be considered in light of the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the Library’s Mission Statement
  • Space required to house or store the gift(s)
  • Cost to maintain or preserve the gift(s)
  • Condition of the material or asset

Collection Gift Agreement

Materials for the Collection

In order to be added to the library’s collections, material must comply with the library’s Collection Development Policy and Procedures.  Items which do not comply will be given either to the Friends of the Library for their book sales, other non-profit or charitable organizations, or recycled.  Unused donations cannot be returned to the donor.

The Library does not accept collections expected to be kept together.  Gift collections may be accepted only in compliance with the Collection Development Policy and Procedures and may be integrated into the general book collection.

The Library does not accept the following materials:

  • Books and items in poor physical condition, for example: no cover, stained, mildewed, musty, yellowed or brittle paper, broken or cracked case, broken spine, etc.
  • Out of Date materials and formats

Non-Collection Materials

Gifts and donations other than items which can be used in the Library’s collection (such as artwork, furniture, personal property, equipment, real estate, stocks, etc.) will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The cost of disposal must not exceed the value of the asset for the item to be considered.  These must be discussed with the Library Director and may be accepted with the approval of the Library Board of Trustees.

Gifts to Library Staff

Individual Library staff cannot accept valuable gifts or any form of currency for the services they provide as library staff. Appreciative patrons are encouraged to make contributions to the library as a whole, or provide a gift that all staff can enjoy equally. This policy is to ensure that staff will treat all members of the public equally, and that no preferential treatment is shown or expected.

Friends of the Howell Carnegie District Library

Gifts to the Friends of the Howell Carnegie District Library are not subject to this policy as the Friends are a separate organization from the Howell Carnegie District Library. Gifts to the Friends are governed by the policies of the Friends of the Howell Carnegie District Library.

Gifts from the Friends of the Howell Carnegie District Library to the Library are subject to this policy.

Sponsoring Programming or Events

Programming or events can be sponsored upon receipt of a gift of at least 95% of the program expense.   Multiple sponsors for the same program are permitted.  The sponsor(s) of the program or event will be recognized as appropriate.

Naming of Individual Rooms

Naming of individual rooms that can be identified as specific space may be granted by the Library Board of Trustees with a gift to the library that is calculated at the time of the gift as shown below, rounded to the nearest $1,000.  A name will be granted to the library room or space for the time period of up to 20 years, at which time it may be renamed upon receipt of a gift of equal or greater value to the original gift.  Room or space naming shall expire should the room or space cease to exist due to remodeling or the library’s ceasing to use the room or space.

Undepreciated Capital Asset Value,
Building and Improvements (from annual audit)
/ Total Building Square Feet X 50% Discount Factor X Square Feet of the room to be named

Gifts Recognition Policy

Donors of gifts to the Library may wish to be recognized or to honor another person.  Name recognition may be granted upon request and upon receipt of a monetary gift to the Howell Carnegie District Library.

  1. Monetary gifts under $250 will be used to purchase materials for the collection or support specific library programs. Book plates or labels will be placed in the books or items for the collection with the name(s) of the donor(s).  If the donation is a memorial or honorarium, the name(s) of the person(s) in whose memory or in whose honor it was donated will be on the plate or label.
  2. Monetary gifts of $250 may be used to Adopt-a-Shelf for a year:  a special plate with the name of the donor or person being honored will be displayed on the lip of a shelf in the library for one year.
  3. Monetary gifts of $500 or more will be acknowledged by having the name of the donor listed in a special notebook available in the Library.  In recognition of a memorial, the name of the person in whose memory or honor the gift was donated, will also be listed.
  4. Major gifts of $5000 or more will be recognized on an engraved plaque to be hung on the Library’s donor wall located in the main stair case.

APR 7/14