To guarantee the right of access to the services and facilities of the Howell Carnegie District Library all users are expected to accept the responsibility to abide by the Library Rules of Conduct. The use of the library or its services may be restricted and/or rescinded for due cause. Such cause may be destruction of library property or other violation of Library Rules of Conduct. The library follows a Progressive Discipline Policy with the option of an appeal process.

Rules of Conduct

Library users shall obey the laws and ordinances of the Unites States, the State of Michigan, and the City of Howell. Malicious destruction or vandalism of library property and/or grounds shall be prosecuted. The following are guidelines for library use. Library users shall:

Respect the Rights of Others by

  1. Refraining from disturbing library users, such that it interferes with their use of the library’s services.
  2. Refraining from soliciting for any reason.
  3. Refraining from physical and verbal abuse and/or harassment, obscene conduct, displaying obscene materials, solicitation of, conducting or attempting to conduct illegal activities.
  4. Respecting quiet areas posted in the library.
  5. Supervising children who are in their care.
  6. Cooperating with library staff who interpret and enforce the rules. Library users may not interfere with the staff’s performance of duties in the library or on library property.

Respect Library Materials by

  1. Keeping materials clean, dry and free of damage.
  2. Using audio-visual materials only on equipment in good operating condition.
  3. Returning all borrowed materials by the due date.
  4. Paying fees and replacement costs for late or damaged materials.

Respect Library Facilities, Furnishings and Grounds by

  1. Helping to keep public areas clean and orderly.
  2. Using furnishings and equipment according to the intended design of each.
  3. Observing the “No Smoking, Vaping or Using Tobacco or Marijuana Products” rule in the building or anyplace on the library grounds and the “No Eating & Drinking” rule near all computers. Covered non-alcoholic beverages and light refreshments are permitted in the library as long as all areas are kept clean and orderly.
  4. Keeping pets outside the building.
  5. Parking bicycles in the bicycle racks.
  6. Wearing shirts and shoes as part of public attire inside the building.
  7. Refraining from using skate boards, skating equipment, personal vehicles or similar items on library grounds.
  8. Refraining from defacing, marking, or damaging library facilities, furnishings or grounds.

Revised 1/8/19