Transform 8mm and Super 8 film into modern digital video with the Film2Digital MovieMaker Pro 8mm and Super 8 Converter. It uses a 3.53MP 1/3″ CMOS sensor to create detailed Full HD 1080p video at 20 fps by scanning the film frame by frame. This converter works with a variety of reel types up to 9″ in size and offers both automatic and manual exposure. It roughly takes 1 hour to record 100 feet of film. This device does not need to be connected to a computer until ready to download. If you want to edit your recording we have Adobe Premiere Elements on one of the digitization computers.

Wolverine MovieMaker PRO User Manual

Estimated Times:

  • 50ft/3in reel – record time ~30 minutes, running time ~3:20
  • 200ft/5in reel – record time ~2 hours, running time ~13:20
  • 400ft/7in reel – record time ~4 hours, running time ~26:40
Wolverine MovieMaker Pro