Visit our Seed LibraryThe Seed Library is a collection of packaged seeds that are free to take home and plant in your own garden. Our Seed Library includes a variety of vegetables, greens, flowers, and herbs, with 25 different varieties. Patrons may browse our Seed Library and select up to five packets, with a limit of one per seed variety. The Seed Library is kept in the Adult Service area. Seeds do not need to be returned, though you are welcome to return seeds that are harvested in the fall to help contribute back to the Seed Library.

Our Seed Library launched on Sunday, April 24 with a Gardening 101 program, presented by the Michigan State University Extension. Watch the livestream recording on our YouTube channel!

Browse the list below to learn what seeds will be available this season. Growing instructions for each variety will be available on a print handout and on this webpage when the Seed Library launches.



Upcoming Events

Explore past programs on the Library’s YouTube channel!


  • Use this table to see when to plant and harvest your seeds and the number of days to maturity for each variety offered in the Seed Library.

  • The One Seed, One State variety this year is a Boston Pickling cucumber seed. These are available separate from our Seed Library and can be signed up for at the Information Desk. Visit the MI Seed Library Network for more information.

  • Check out the Library’s collection of gardening books and magazines for tips, tricks, and inspiration!

  • Use this Vegetable Garden Tip Sheet from MSU Extension!